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Announcing our New Name: Disability:IN Washington

We are proud to announce our name, Disability:IN Washington and new brand. We are excited about this opportunity to tell our story in a more powerful way and engage more people in our mission.

After 19 years helping local businesses become more inclusive of people with disabilities, the Washington State Business Leadership Network (WSBLN) is changing its name to Disability: IN Washington to signal its commitment to creating an economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully.

The name change is part of a larger rebranding effort by the United States Business Leadership Network, which changed its name to Disability:IN Washington to give more visibility to the cause nationally. The organization’s 40+ Affiliates across the country will be joining in the effort of creating a more unified brand to create more awareness of the importance of including people with disabilities throughout the workforce, supply chain, and market place. Companies that hire people with disabilities are not only demonstrating good corporate citizenship, but benefit from a more inclusive culture. This diversity of talent has been shown to lead to improved innovation and decision-making, as well as more accessible products and services which open markets to a wider audience of consumers.

Disability:IN Washington is proud to be playing an integral role in supporting businesses and people with disabilities throughout the state as they realize their full potential. We promote best practices, hold events, and connect people with businesses that are looking to hire people with a range of talent and abilities.

Disability:IN Washington Relaunch Event Coming Soon!