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AstronicsThe Washington State Business Leadership Network (WSBLN) is a state chapter of the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN).

The Washington State Business Leadership Network (WSBLN) provides participating employers with networking opportunities, education and information on disability related topics and resources to effectively increase understanding and awareness in the workplace. The WSBLN also provides lessons learned in recruiting, hiring, accommodating and improving customer service for people with disabilities. Additionally, the WSBLN assists businesses in navigating and directly linking to government and community resources to get their employment needs met.

The Washington State Business Leadership Network (WSBLN) began with a small group of employers, in February 1999, who were concerned that more than 70% of working-age people with disabilities were unemployed.

In 2003, the WSBLN established itself as a non-profit, 501©3 organization. This model purports a primary business principle “success breeds success.” When an employer talks about the benefits of hiring candidates with disabilities, other employers are eager to do the same.
The WSBLN is an extension of the nationwide U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) established in 1994 by the former President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities now coordinated through the Department of Labor’s Office on Disability Employment Policy. The USBLN serves as the collective voice of over 60 Business Leadership Network affiliates across North America, representing over 5,000 employers. Currently there are 45 BLNs in 30 states. One of the WSBLN’s founding members, Jill Houghton, is currently the president of the USBLN.

The WSBLN is an all-volunteer organization. Your contribution will help us provide meaningful educational events. Please support our efforts by getting involved or donating.